Sunshine Kittens

Sweet grays in the sun. Lounging like no one else can.

Sunshine Kittens Violet and FelixViolet on the left and Felix on the right.

Sunshine Kittens 2Had to get cuter. Mmm, sun!



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My little princesses! They are getting along better and better πŸ™‚ Violet was sleeping on the bed and little Is came to roll up behind her. So sweet! Little balls of kitten.

Isabelle and Violet❀


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Snuggly Boys

Felix and Freckle (look for him!) snugglin’ on the blanket.Snuggly Boys

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Marshall & Miss Kitty

This boy is my grandmother’s sweet one, Marshall. He is our surrogate Felix when we visit. They look so similar and have similar demeanor’s, though Felix has a pointier face and the big “M” is…well, Big!

Marshall is on time!

Marshall is on time!

Here is Jabba Jr. lounging on his “S”. He and his sister have shredded this thing, they love it so!

Marshall and his "S".

Marshall and his “S”.

And the Miss near her “S”. She’s all stretched out in her favorite pose.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

While we vacationed, we got to meet our new “cousins”, Ricky and Kate (named after the characters on the show Castle, we were told). Now, you shall meet them, too!

Hey, RIcky, you're so fine...

Hey, Ricky, you’re so fine…

Isn’t he gorgeous! Such a shiny coat. But, he’s a Biter. Rawr!



He looks so much like Peter! Gahhh!

The Rickster

The Rickster

And sweet Kate:



She’s a love and a licker. I love her little pink nose!

Smiley girl

Smiley girl

And here she is after a battle with Feathers on a String!

Mardi Gras Kate

Mardi Gras Kate!

She’s so TINY, I can’t stand it!!!

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Poor little Isabelle has been rather snuffly lately. She began really coughing (a weird, hairbally sound, but not the same), so I took her to the vet.

Here she is sunning herself πŸ™‚

Isabelle in a sunny spotShe got a checkup and some liquid medicine to take for a week. It didn’t stop the coughing/sneezing, so they had me give her the rest (another week’s worth). It still didn’t fix her.

She did get better, but kept coughing. We were about to go on a week’s vacation (Fresh Prince, anyone?), so I took her in once more and they gave her an injection that would last ten days. I was worried about her while we were gone, but our housesitters left no urgent cat-related messages. She hasn’t coughed since we’ve been back πŸ™‚

I had to bring all the kids in for checkups last month and one time, I didn’t have enough time to drop Ella off, so she had to come with me to my physical therapy appointment! Here she is meeting Max, the office beast:

A prezent, for me?!

A prezent, for me?!


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To the Max!

Monster alert!

The king of felines known as Maximus Rex can be found roaming the rooms and countertops of a local physical therapy office. This ferocious beast lies in wait for unsuspecting patients who instantly fall prey to his stunning good looks.

Max on the counterIf you see this creature, Beware! There is no escape…you Will pet his fuzzy paws.


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Max! Physical Therapy Cat

This is Max:

Max!He comes to work with his dad on weekdays and hangs out with the people at physical therapy…like me. He’s big, but he’s only a year old. Max is a Maine Coon, so has naturally big paws, long, beautiful fur and a regal and handsome lion-like face.

I met Max a few weeks ago when I began treatment for my back and leg. The therapy is helping a lot, but my favorite part of the visit is, of course, visiting with the giant kitten πŸ™‚

Sometimes, I ride the stationary bike and shake the string with feathers on the end for Max and he jumps so high to catch it. The other day, he was hiding from the scary window washer man. His dad said he thought it was because Max had a lot of catnip that day. Kids and their drugs!


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This Cat Is Back!

Hello all,

I’ve been away due to medical issues; a fun, fun stay in the hospital for about a week, then recovery at home. Just fixing something faulty that I was born with. It’s getting better πŸ™‚

Let’s get back to business, shall we?

Here’s a photo I took of a cat coffin while visiting the Egypt exhibit:

Cat coffin from Egypt exhibit 09/12

They would mummify their dead cats and put them (I don’t know about All of them or just royal ones) in fancy carved sarcophagi like these to send them off into the underworld.

Cat lovers from waaaaay back! They had the right idea, no?


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Pretty Girl

Ella catching a sunbeam through the blinds.

This used to be her spot, but she has beenΒ  moved to the office (computer room). Same cat tree. I put a blanket in the curved top area, so she can get cozy, though she can get cozier in the little round house one floor below. I think she feels safe in there.

She still has a window, too. I open the blinds for her every morning, so she can see outside and close them at night. There are lots of trees with birds and squirrels to watch.

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Hangin’ Out

Isabelle is a big puddle of legs!


She used to straddle the top of our recliner, but when we got rid of it, the only high ground was on the cat trees. She just broke into a random limb-splay here.

Now, we have a new zero-gravity chair. It is recliner-like with a firm, cylindrical pillow that’s also perfect for supporting little Isa-legs!

She likes to sleep up there while I’m in the chair and my Head becomes her pillow, too! Well, don’t mind me!

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