My family

Meet my family:


Sleepy Freckle

FRECKLE is my boy, my ‘first-born’ son; an only child. I got him at a Cat Show/home-finding day in Seattle. I went there with a black kitten in mind. I had called a lady from Paws and Claws(Puyallup)who said she had one available. Then, I met Freckle.

He grabbed me from inside his cage and gave me the biggest rub. I asked about him. Black and white with a little black “freckle” on his white cheek. That’s why she gave him that name. He was six months old with a funny tail that folded two or three times at near-right angles. She didn’t know how it had gotten that way; he may have been born that way. I held him and couldn’t resist his happy purrs, hugs and kisses. No kitten for me that day.

Freckle is my precious boy, my sunshine, my handsome man and he sleeps with his mommy 🙂



VIOLET is my fuzzy gray and white baby girl. My princess. We met one week after Cocoa’s death… Cocoa had been a neighbor cat at my previous apartment. Freckle met her through the screen door and eventually, she visited us in the apartment. The neighbors that owned her asked if I wanted her. They were moving soon and didn’t seem too attached (obviously). I said “maybe”. A few days later, they were just gone! I had a new cat! She lived with us at that apartment and then at the condo I bought a few months later.

Then, Cocoa got sick. She went very unexpectedly and very quickly. I will write a post about her later. I was distraught about her death and I planned to spend some time with my boy, so he wouldn’t feel her loss too much. Freckle liked Cocoa. But, one week later, a friend ‘surprised’ me with a little fluffy gray kitten. I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t ready for a new cat and especially not a baby kitten! But, that was Violet.

She was cute and tiny and really fluffy and soft, but Freckle didn’t like her at all. He hissed and swatted at her as she rubbed against him lovingly. I thought, “what a disaster!” I assumed she would grow to dislike him as well. After about a week of Freckle ‘hating’ her, Violet’s natural sweetness overtook him and he was tolerant. So was I. It was her lack of potty training that drove me crazy. Today, however, she is trained (with the occasional attention-getting ‘accident’ on the bed, grrrr) and she and Freckle are a couple of snugglebugs.

Little V is a purr-machine!


The Pete!



PETER is the other black and white male and ELLA is the little female black and white. Peter and Ella joined me when a co-worker’s pregnant wife became worried about the cats sleeping in the nursery of her coming-soon baby. Co-worker brought in pictures of the pair snuggling and being generally adorable and I said I would love to help, but I already had two cats in a two-cats-only condo. The day the wife drove them to the shelter, I picked them up and took them home. Rules, schmules.


Fee on the table

Felix, Daddy’s boy, alllll grey from whiskers to toes. This boy is attached to his Daddy like no cat I’ve ever known. When I first met Felix, he hardly gave me the time of day. He was all for one and one for Dad! It wasn’t until we combined cat families that Fee had any ‘extra’ love for me. Now he’s perfectly snuggly with me, but prefers his ‘lord and saviour’ 😛

Felix was an only child with the run of a two-bedroom apartment. He was a lonely kitty until one day, Eric decided to get a friend for him. See below… His meow is “Aor-REOR”.


Isabelle lounging

Isabelle, Daddy’s girl, the tortoise-shell and the youngest. Not long after Eric and I met, we went to the Humane Society and got this tiny one for Felix to have a friend. We kept her name the same.

Isabelle reminded Eric of a cat he’d had before. He introduced her slowly to Felix by keeping her in one room and letting them sniff and paw under the door. I watched as, after one week, they met for the first time. Friendship! And frisk and licks…so cute 🙂 They’ve been inseparable ever since. And though Fee is still very attached to his Daddy, he has a little friend to play with, too.



Mishka was given to Eric by someone who was moving away and couldn’t take him. He’s a fuzzy little chinchilla, about eight years old. He’s kind of like a bunny and a rat/mouse. (Hehe, Mouserat! Parks and Recreation fans?) Mishka lives in the living room in a big cage that Eric built for him. He eats a mixture of dried vegetables and alfalfa (I think) pellets. He hates the pellets and always roots around to the good stuff leaving pellets until the rest is gone. We give him pieces of dried mango as a treat. It’s fun to watch him hold the food in his little hands.


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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4 Responses to My family

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  2. Lacy says:

    All your kitties are soooo cute. I enjoyed reading about them and seeing the pictures. I can’t wait to read some haikus 😀

  3. Rich says:

    Interested in adding the cat “in-laws” Jasper, Ouzo, and Baby?

    • catfest says:

      Sure, I can add the in-laws! I’ll make a new Post for them once I get my Intro page all sorted out. I’ll be writing steadily in no time. Email me your favorite pictures of them, too, and I’ll put them on.

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