Cats’ Welcome Home Chorus

Home from Leavenworth early Friday evening. Cats welcomed us with a chorus of “feeeeed me!” I did, (and they inhaled it instantly) but you wouldn’t know it from the rest of the night’s continuous songs.

We unpacked the things we brought (clothes and what was left of the food we took with us) and our new purchases: two kinds of tea (Coconut Candy Bar and Huckleberry Cream, for me) and a peppermint hot chocolate (for both of us) from The Cup & Kettle; three different cheeses from the Cheesemonger shop [One, a 3-year-aged Australian Boxing Cheddar. Very like Parmesan, crumbly and flavorful. Two, an Applewood smoked cheddar?, Eric’s fav. Creamy and smoky. Third,  English Carmelized Onion. I wouldn’t have even tried it, but the tea lady had suggested it (she owned the cheese shop, too) and the counter guy said it would be really good on a burger. That did it! The cheese melted nicely on our Gardenburgers, though the grease pools revealed how not-low-fat it was!]; a bag of assorted taffy (molasses is my favorite! So sad I only bought one.); and our Icicle River arcade “winnings”- a mini Tootsie Roll and a small black high-bouncing ball with a white skull and crossbones on it, for us and the cats to play with.

We won tickets for playing games like “Mr. Wolf”, a Whack-A-Mole type game in which you bonk plastic/rubber wolves on the head when they pop up. It was a little weird to play at ‘animal cruelty’ to try to win (awesome!) prizes 😛 I paid the price for it, though. My hand and arm were so sore after that! You have to hit really hard! We played a game of air hockey and I lost miserably, but I redeemed myself. I played a mean game of Pac-Man and though I got no tickets for it, I was exhilarated by the intensity of playing and the fact that I don’t think I’ve Ever gone through that many levels! Easily amused?

It was a lovely little trip. We happened to choose the (freakishly) warmest days to go, too! It was (unseasonably) 70 degrees at home when we left and though it’s colder in LW, it was still warmer than it would have been any other November days with a High of 57, Low of 36.

We braved the chill and walked from our 2nd floor room in Bldg. J, outside to one of the two outdoor hot tubs (on the far side of G). It was chilly on the way out, but refreshing and perfect on the way back! The hot tub itself was great, too, of course, and we had it to ourselves both times we went. That’s always nice.

I missed the kittens while we were gone, but tried to think of the fun we were having instead of what they might be up to. It’s like mom’s and their kids when they leave for a few days. “I wonder how the kids are doing? Should I call the sitter?” But, we didn’t have a sitter. So, I was a liiiiittle bit worried cuz they weren’t getting their pills like they should. They did get them when we got back and everything seems good so far.

Frisky Felix and Isabelle: They were so excited that we were home, they tore through the house over and over, zoom, zoom! Through the dining room, over the couch, up the cat trees again and again, for hours! So silly.

Friday night, as I typed the draft of this post, Freckle was waiting for me by the bedroom door. Watching me at the computer, he said, with his eyes, “Mama, it’s time for bed!” He didn’t snuggle with me when I did go to bed, but I was grateful for the Kittytime we did have all that evening when we got home. I can’t get enough kitty snuggles!

I did not look forward to work in the morning, blechh. Eric took the week off and now it’s the weekend, but for me, it’s business as usual. I worked today, Sat. morning, 10:30-4 and I work again tomorrow noon-7:30 (closing time on Sunday). Then, Eric goes back to work Monday and I won’t see him much again. Gonna be me and the kids and Oprah 😉


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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3 Responses to Cats’ Welcome Home Chorus

  1. Peggy and Rich says:

    Sounds like a great place. We’ll have to try to see it when we are out there next year.

    • catfest says:

      It’s very cute, all done up like a German village. I’m a huge Disney fan, you know, so I love things like that. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house over there in Eastern WA, over a mountain pass. I’d be nervous to drive there in the Winter, but we’ll likely revisit in the late Spring to Summer and swim in the lovely river!

  2. Lacy says:

    Glad you guys had fun!!! I can’t tell you how much I miss Leavenworth. We used to go there every year!! 😦 Cheesemonger shop, smoked applewood “chez” omg my fav!! have some for me! Your kitties sound so excited they were when you got back..and i love the pictures 🙂

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