Birthdays and Fish Bits

It was sweetums’ birthday yesterday and though he’s another year older, he looks as young as ever. Of course, the cats don’t know the difference. He’s just “daddy”; the one who loves us and feeds us.

For his bday, Eric got to choose where to go for dinner. He chose Sushiland. Mmm…fish. So, we went. I love him and I will “take one for the team”. I told him I would eat a little something before we went out, so I wouldn’t go hungry. I put on my washable sweatshirt instead of my nicer coat, so I wouldn’t stink of fish for ages.

It was pretty busy, but we got seated quickly as it was just two of us. I was surprised that the menu board listed a decent assortment  of veg options. I had tried the Inari (sticky rice wrapped in a flavorful tofu ‘skin’) and liked it and the tofu soup and the edamame, but I don’t really get satisfactorily full on those. I also don’t like any of their veg options that are wrapped in seaweed. Seaweed tasted Fishy. Yichh. I had tried the rice with a loaf of scrambled egg on top, held on by a tie of seaweed. Nah. And when it’s cold, it’s just not appetizing. This time, they also had eggplant tempura on a bed of sticky rice with some kind of wasabi mayo squeezed decoratively atop it. I had that and an Inari and some edamame…and a Sprite cuz that’s how I roll. (Ha, “roll” like a sushi roll! Yeah.)

Eric ate many fishy creatures and our table neighbors had worse. I kept my eyes to my plate as much as I could. Watching the endless conveyor of fish bits parade by makes me a bit queasy. I try to look around for the scarce palatable items. We noticed a couple of spring roll-looking items, so I asked one of the chefs about he. He said it was apple cinnamon! E and I shared one of those. Kind of odd, but desserty enough. At least, until we got home and I had one of my fantastic brownies! Deelicious!

We had our requisite computer time, then went to watch some shows with the kids. Felix found daddy’s lap, Freckle leaned on his legs (my back was still sore, so I had to sit curled up instead of legs-straight-out), Ella, V and Is took turns snuggling with me and Peter, who’s healing nicely, burrowed under the blanket onto daddy’s lap 😀

Pete’s finished with his antibiotics and is back to his regular two pills (once and twice per day) which he still eats happily mixed into his canned food. His drain holes are closing up and I put ointment on the wounds when they seem too dry. I just don’t want to put on too much because he likes to lick it and that can’t be good. I gave up on the conehead collar cuz he managed to pull out his drain tube even with his cat-hat on! Later, he pulled out his stitches, too. Well, saved us another trip to the vet, I guess. The good thing is, he seems a little happier than he has been. He gave me loving headbutts tonight :). I like that we can have him snuggle under the blankets again cuz he won’t get them oozy. So, we watched our shows with All the babies.

Sometimes, Ella gets her frisk on while we watch tv. She’ll nose and headbutt me and get pet and spanked (she loves it when I ‘spank’ her!) then, she’ll go to the cat tree, jump to the second floor and grab one of the pillars with both paws. Eyes big and wide, she’ll stare at us for a moment, then scratch and paw and turn around and maybe jump down and run- and inevitably get chased by Freckle or Felix. When she gets back onto high ground, she is deemed Out-of-bounds and they leave her alone. Silly kittens!

(I will add more pics when my ‘puter quits being an arse.) Done!


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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