Snow Day!

SnOwMG! Two and a half inches of snow the other day and the city comes to a standstill. It took Eric four hours to get home from work. The drive usually takes him 30-40 minutes. I only left for work at 3:30pm that day, so I came home at about 10pm. It might have taken me up to an hour (usually 15-20 minutes), but I tried to go up a couple of hills, slid down them and had to go back to try a less steep incline. The first hill (the usual one) was just too steep and there was a steady (though very slow) two-lanes of cars moving along and not letting me turn, so I had zero momentum. The second hill should have been fine. It was less steep and at an angle, but another vehicle went first and had trouble….

The third time was the charm, until the One car in the world driving in the empty neighborhood happened to be approaching the intersection JUST as I was- so I had to stop. Then, I couldn’t move again. The Second car in the Whole World drove up behind me, waiting for me to move, then tried to Pass me on the left (Not a one way street)! They couldn’t move either, so moved back. I tried to back up, but they wouldn’t move back far enough. Then, the Third car in the Whole World drove up behind us both and passed us on the right (cuz now we were both in the middle of the road). They went on just fine. Terdz. The 2nd car tried again. Passed me on the right, this time. Went right on. I, having room, backed up more and Finally made it up the slight incline and the rest of the blocks home. I was all riled up. I needed some kitty time and some Oprah to help me “cool off”, if you will.

The cats, however, were very interested in the snow. Earlier, before all the driving fiascoes, five of us went out on the screened porch… me, Violet, Felix, Freckle and Isabelle. I bundled up in my robe and let the kids out. Felix got all fluffy and skipped out onto the porch and the rest followed. Violet took a moment; it had been a while since they’d been allowed outside. It’s been cold! I didn’t want to open the doors! But snow is different. Snow is rare.

We watched some frisky squirrels play in a tree, running up and down, chattering at each other. Freckle looked for the bird that chirped in our willow and Isabelle stood against the screen to find out what was that cold stuff along the side! I have cute pics, but my ‘puter is being an arse. I will add them when my cyborg husband figures out what’s wrong.

So, snow happened and the world stopped and my Oprah’s Favorite Things Part Two!!! was preempted by Breaking News all about it. The Whole Hour! I was (is?) steaming. I have to find the episode online somewhere. I live for the Fav. Things show and this time, the LAST time Ever, she did Two and I missed it! I did see Part One, but Part Two is the next show where the audience thinks they just missed the Biggest show of the year (and forever now, since this is O’s last season. Sniff! We’re too poor to afford fancy cable and get the OWN network channel. The Oprah Winfrey Network.) and I want to see the madness ensue when they find out that they did Not miss out 😀

I love the emotional ride that is Oprah’s Favorite Things! Yes, I’m horribly jealous, but I love the audience’s amazement, their excitement, their sheer pants-peeing, OMG-ing, hallelujah-ing, “there are actual medics standing by” just in case people pass out or have heart trouble cuz it’s so Incredibly Awesome- ness! I live vicariously through it all. And I missed it?! No, I say! NO.

Ahem, so then, there was Thanksgiving. Since it was “snowmageddon 2010”, we stayed home rather than drive the normally-45 min. trip to my parents’ house. I didn’t feel like braving anymore ice or irritating drivers. Earlier in the fall, I had bought two russet potatoes and a sweet one and boiled them and mashed them up with some milk and butter. It was So good! I had an itch to make yams/sweet potatoes again, so a week or two before TGiving, I went to the Grocery Outlet and bought a bag of ’em. Since there was a full bag, I didn’t buy any other kinds. I thought it’d be too much. (It still kinda was, for only two of us. There’re still some in the fridge, yeesh!) So, on Thanksgiving, I did make some mashed yams and I even bought cranberries and made impromptu  sauce. I steamed some (frozen) veggies and cooked up a Morningstar Veggie burger for each of us and that was our fab dinner. La dee da! I made Thanksgiving Dinner 🙂 I didn’t Love the yams, but I’ll make that russet/sweet mix again in a heartbeat! Numz. We ate, guarded our food from the cats and watched some of our DVR’d shows. Happy Holidays!

Update: The Fav Things show repeated, so I got to watch it! HooRAY! Now, to find the Portia De Rossi show that I saw about 15 minutes of as it glitched on the recording…


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I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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