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The Others

I’ve been writing a lot about Peter. Rightfully, so. He’s had a lot going on. So have I. I’ve just had a shot in my back to ease the pain of a slipped disc. More expensive procedures to add to … Continue reading

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What’s Up, Doc?

Peter is on the mend! Just thought I’d start there. Dr. L. did forgo the usual vet visit (I think because she knows how traumatizing it is for Pete, besides the fact that he’d just come in with an abscess) … Continue reading

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Conehead Revisited: Return of the Ooze

Peter exploded. That is, his newest lump turned out to be an abscess and kaboom. Again. I guess I knew it was coming because just like last time, the day before the ‘dam burst’ I said to Eric that I … Continue reading

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Warning: somewhat graphic. Oh, Pete. While I was away for a long weekend, someone scratched Pete in his bald, healing-abscess spot and made a hole and a gash. I left the healing hole scab alone, but picked the dark gash … Continue reading

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