Warning: somewhat graphic.

Oh, Pete. While I was away for a long weekend, someone scratched Pete in his bald, healing-abscess spot and made a hole and a gash. I left the healing hole scab alone, but picked the dark gash one. It looked bad and it bled immediately upon being uncovered. I wanted to let anything that might have needed to come out, get out. I cleaned him up with paper towels, antiseptic and water until it stopped bleeding and snuggled with him for a bit.

It wasn’t until that gash started to heal again that I noticed a lump just under it. It’s a mobile lump, so I’m not sure what it is, but from the pics I took of Pete during his abscess phase, it looks to be in the same spot. I’m worried, now, because I feel like I should have tried to expel stuff from the wound when I took the scab off, but I didn’t know it was there. The wound is healing now and would have to be re-opened, either by it exploding itself like last time, or by me. I’m going to ask the vet’s advice about what this may or may not be and then, I’ll devise a plan of action. Poor Pete!

My medical update is that I’ve given in, having had quite enough pain, and have gotten an MRI for my pelvis. First off, hopefully, that’s the correct region and it shouldn’t have been the lumbar, but the hip/pelvis/low back is where it hurts. Tomorrow, the MRI results should be in to my docs and I’ll find out what my problem is! I really hope they have a solution, too. A simple, inexpensive solution!! And soon, I’ll get the bill for the MRI. I’m filling out paperwork that asks ‘forgiveness’ for some or all of that bill. I’ll see what happens, I guess.

Wish us luck!

For background info about Pete’s condition, see Nov. 14, 2010 post ABC Is For Abscess.


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