Keep Out! No Catz Allowed!

We had a problem. The dry cat food was kept in a plastic bin with a snap-on lid. Due to the fact that some of the cats can’t pace themselves and will eat ALL available food, they get fed in four doses throughout the day. Half their ration is split into two in the morning and two in the evening. They don’t love this.

Someone (Freckle) would pick at the lid and figured out how to nose it up and open. He would stand there with his head in the bin, chowing down. Twice, we actually found him inside the bin standing in the kibble, eating his fill!

We tried keeping them out by keeping the case of canned food on top of the bin, but someone (Isabelle) would chew the cardboard until it fell apart (and made a huge mess). We piled the cans on top of the bin, but they’d get pushed off. We tried putting a scratching post on top, too. They’d knock it down.

Finally, we bought a new bin.

We thought we were sooo smart. This lid weaved closed. It had two lid panels that intertwined closed in the middle. They couldn’t possibly open that… pick, pick, pick…

Where there’s a will, there’s a way?!

So, Eric came up with a device that would keep them out, but let us in easily. It’s no good if we can’t get into their food bin to feed them, right?

Using some scrap wood and a couple of cupboard hinges, he came up with this:

One hinge is screwed into the wall at bin height. Then, it attaches to a piece of wood that crosses the plastic lid. There is another wood block underneath it to account for the dip in the lid (its own hinges are higher than the top of the lid) and a larger, thin piece of wood covers most of the surface area of the lid, so the cats don’t have anywhere to get their paws in and pry it open. The other hinge is attached to that top piece of wood and Another small piece of wood that goes over the side and anchors the whole “lock” in place.

All we have to do is lift the “handle” and the whole thing stays up against the wall while we scoop out the allotted food. The cats don’t have the dexterity to lift the wood piece up and then pick the plastic lid open, so Finally, we have success!

Thank you, husband, for your ingenuity 🙂


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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4 Responses to Keep Out! No Catz Allowed!

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  2. Peggy and Rich says:

    If they team up to defeat this one, it’s time for a lock. Are they smart enough to pick it?

    • catfest says:

      Thank goodness, no! (I must have replied to you about this in email, but I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else wanted to know!)
      The lock has kept the food kitten free 🙂

  3. Mommis says:

    So it looks like Eric is smarter than all my grand-kitties! 🙂 I can’t believe how ingenious they are. I knew they were clever, but that’s pretty amazing. Give them some skritches from me (and maybe a couple extra kibbles for their sorrow at being thwarted) and you can have a skritch or two for you, too.

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