Happy New Year: Cat-fetti

Eric and I went to Florida for the Christmas/New Year break. It’s our anniversary time and he always gets a week+ off from work. We had a friend watch the house and take care of the Kids and the Meesh. We were gone for about ten days.

I think the sweet kittens decided that ten days was a little too long cuz when we got home that night, we saw the “confetti” left from the feline New Year’s party.

Upon entering the ‘foyer’, we were greeted with hundreds of white and brown bits all over the carpet. These brown bits used to be parts of boxes full of xmas ornaments. The white bits were from the tissue paper that wrapped each ornament carefully for storage. Wasn’t that a fun and creative new use? Recycling, were we?

In our kitchen, there’s a low, corner cupboard that rotates all the way around. I have Never seen the cats get into it by themselves. Sometimes, they get curious while we look in there for some snacks, but that’s it. During our vacation, they had plenty of time to pry their (Isabelle) way in and trample and chew their (Isabelle) way through boxes of Triscuits and Life.

I didn’t get a pic of the big cat-fetti before clean up, but I did get some of the cupboard carnage (above).

Bad kitty 😛


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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