Pretty Girl

Ella catching a sunbeam through the blinds.

This used to be her spot, but she has been  moved to the office (computer room). Same cat tree. I put a blanket in the curved top area, so she can get cozy, though she can get cozier in the little round house one floor below. I think she feels safe in there.

She still has a window, too. I open the blinds for her every morning, so she can see outside and close them at night. There are lots of trees with birds and squirrels to watch.


About catfest

I adore cats. I like most animals, really, but I've always had cats in my life. They've been my friends, my brothers and sisters and now, my kids. Other than squealing about the adorability of my sweet, sweet children, I like to write (type), edit, paint and watch tv and movies with my awesome husband. I hope you like my 'blog! Smileys!
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1 Response to Pretty Girl

  1. ladybug35 says:

    She’s so pretty!!!

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