Roly Poly Kitties

We had a hot weekend and the cats were melted all over the deck, as seen here:

Ermagerd, it’s hot!

And here:

Is that a breeze I smell?

And here:

Whew, what a day!

It’s ok, kids, the weather looks to be much cooler for the remaining days. Lucky us.





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Felix has been taken over by the zom-b-cat apocalypse!

You have been warned!


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To the Catmobile!

Mystery kitty, Isabelle, posing in the dining room window. It’s summer, so these new, fun places to sit open up.

Nana nana nana nana,  nana nana nana nana….Isabeeeeeellllle!

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Rough Day

Chillin’ in the tree, Violet gazes up, lazily as Freckle lends her a paw. Snuggling foot to foot, these babies are almost too big to fit in the tree together.

Two little kit-tens, sittin’ in a tree…

Careful now, don’t fall through the hole!

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Sleepy boys

I caught the boys in a rare snuggle and had to get their sweet faces on camera.

Felix loves his bro, Freckle. They’re so beautiful, I could just die!

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Daddy’s Boy!

Felix is truly daddy’s boy. Just take a look at these kitteh hugs!

In the words of Felix: “Mmmmgggghhhhhhh”

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Proud Mama

My little girl is sooooo brave! Ella just ventured outside for the First time!

We usually open the outside door and the door to the offi- er, the door to Ella’s room and let all the cats go out. But, they pester her (and us, when it’s close to eating time) so much while we’re computing, so we started closing Ella’s door. Then, it was just the three of us and she can come out to frisk without being smacked around.

This time, while letting the other kids outside, I picked up Ella and put her on my lap as I sat in a chair on the deck. She was nervous, at first, but as I pet her (held her solidly), she relaxed a bit. I released my hold a bit to see if she’d stay on her own. When she made as if to get up, I “pet” her again 😉  (Pet= “Niiiiiiice kitty”, with solid pets equal to the length of “nice”). She stayed for a minute, then tried to get up again, so I let her go back to her tree.

Later, I put the other kittens back in the house and left the deck door open. With the weather being decent, I left the deck door open and she walked up to the doorway, looked around, then stepped out!

All by herself!

I followed her out and sat in a deck chair. She walked all around with stops every little while for reassuring pets, to nose my hand and to sit in my lap for a minute before wandering some more 🙂

Then, she had a seat in her own chair! That’s my girl!

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Ella’s Hideout

This little kitty cubby was built for Felix or Isabelle, but they never really went in it. Ella, on the other hand, gets nervous and gets chased by the other kids and likes a cozy place to hide, so she’s found a little hidey hole!

No Other Catz Allowed!

It was surprising the first time I saw her go in there. It’s still adorable when she does, but it’s more often now!

When we open up the office door to the screened porch and let the other kittens roam “free”, she sometimes gets nervous and hides in her house. She’s like her late brother, Peter, that way. She’s also like him in that she’s super sweet when she’s alone with me or E. Lovey girl!

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Felix on the porch, having a grand time 🙂 Just look at those pretty yellow-green eyes!

I’m beautiful; oh, and here’s my tummy.

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Years ago, my aunt K had a big orange and white cat, Caddy (Cadillac), that loved to drink from the bathroom sink. Aunt K would leave the water trickling all the time just so Caddy could have a drink at his leisure. I didn’t know another sink-drinking cat until I introduced Freckle to our bathroom sink, just for fun…

I once turned the water on and cupped my hand underneath. “Want some water?” I asked him. He learned to it drink that way. That’s his favorite. He likes to be served. But he will drink it out of the tap itself. So, now, I have a sink-drinker, too!

Frecks will follow me into the bathroom and jump up onto the toilet seat or all the way up to the tank if the seat is busy. Then, he walks to the sink and asks me to turn the water on for him. He is not a patient man.

I usually only give him sink time while I’m in there, otherwise I forget I’ve left the water on! Sometimes he wants sinkwater when I’m not in the bathroom and he complains about it when I don’t go turn it on. I’ve created a watermonster.

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