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To the Catmobile!

Mystery kitty, Isabelle, posing in the dining room window. It’s summer, so these new, fun places to sit open up. Nana nana nana nana,  nana nana nana nana….Isabeeeeeellllle! Advertisements

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Rough Day

Chillin’ in the tree, Violet gazes up, lazily as Freckle lends her a paw. Snuggling foot to foot, these babies are almost too big to fit in the tree together. Careful now, don’t fall through the hole!

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Sleepy boys

I caught the boys in a rare snuggle and had to get their sweet faces on camera. Felix loves his bro, Freckle. They’re so beautiful, I could just die!

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Daddy’s Boy!

Felix is truly daddy’s boy. Just take a look at these kitteh hugs! In the words of Felix: “Mmmmgggghhhhhhh”

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Proud Mama

My little girl is sooooo brave! Ella just ventured outside for the First time! We usually open the outside door and the door to the offi- er, the door to Ella’s room and let all the cats go out. But, … Continue reading

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