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Cat Pills & Bribery

Peter takes his pills unknowingly, in a chunk of ‘licious (prescription) canned food. He gulps it down so fast, he doesn’t realize what’s in it! I’m so grateful for that. I used to roll a little shredded cheese into a … Continue reading

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Results Pt. 3

The ultrasound showed Peter’s spleen was enlarged. Dr. D said it may be just unpassed poo…or the disease could have spread. There was also a “dot” in his bladder. This, she said, could be a blood clot (which seemed bad … Continue reading

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Results Pt. 2

I left both Freckle and Peter at the vet for the day, because Peter needed to have blood taken and another ultrasound. The dr. felt something in Pete’s abdomen and he seemed tender in his belly. The tenderness, dr. thought, … Continue reading

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Pete-Pete has cancer. I knew last year that he had a tumor of some kind in/near his adrenal gland(s?) and that’s why he takes the Prozac and BP meds. When I noticed, recently, that he looked ‘wide’, I made him … Continue reading

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Two boys at the vet. Blood, urine tests, ultrasound; Anxious times for us.

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